Dissertation consulting

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There are tons of different writing words with specific rules. One of this is the report. What is special in dissertation consulting?

All work should be written on white sheets of A4 format, font color – black, size – 14 in Times New Roman.

What should be in any report?

In each report, regardless of the dissertation consulting and the subject of the report, the following parameters (as listed below) should be given:

-the title page,

-the table of contents (the content of the work),

-the introduction,

-the main part,

-the conclusion,

-the list of the literature,

-the appendix.

The title page is the first in the report, therefore, it should be treated with special attention. At the top of the sheet, you need to indicate the full name of your institution, then, having receded 3-4 lines below, write the word: REPORT (centered in capital letters). On the next line indicate: on what subject. Example. On discipline: physics.

The next line is the name of the report (in bold). Again stepping back 2 lines, write: Completed …. (their full name – full name, first name, and patronymic initials). The line below – under whose direction (the teacher of this subject), immediately it is necessary to indicate his science degree. It is made out in the following way: the supervisor of studies, the doctor of physical sciences

At the bottom of the page, the name of the city where your institution is located is placed in the center, and below it (the line below) the year the work is done. After the title page, there is a table of contents. It indicates all parts of your work with page numbering. It should be noted that the title page is not indicated, but has a page number, therefore, the introduction will be on page 2.

Also, all the pages of the report (except for the title page) should be numbered in ascending order.

Then comes the main part of the report, it should not exceed 5 pages in size, as this will not be a report, but an abstract. It should be clearly divided into three parts – an introduction, a historical reference (the main part), a conclusion.

After the conclusion follows the list of the literature. It lists the authors in alphabetical order with the name of their work, the year and place of the publishing house, and the number of pages is also indicated.