Cover page for research paper

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In fact, at the presentation, it is necessary to show and confirm the research and development carried out while studying the problem posed in the diploma.

Since the report to the diploma is read out on the protection of the state certification commission, whose members are faced with the task of determining the degree of preparation of the author of the thesis for professional work, the defense must show and demonstrate its own readiness, focusing on the independent work done in the study. It is necessary not only to write a thesis but also be able to protect it, thoroughly understand the material presented in the diploma, calculations, conclusions, etc.

So, the report on the defense of the diploma should be prepared to take into account that the members of the commission understood the relevance of the topic and the goal set. This is the basic moment from which the report to the thesis starts, it must be included in the report immediately after the greeting.

The main attention in the report to the diploma should be paid to the results of the analysis and practical studies, recommendations, proposals made in the diploma based on the results of the analysis. In doing so, the material should be stated in such a way that the general logic is observed: the relevance and cover page for research paper of the problem, then the results of the problem analysis, practical recommendations aimed at improving or stabilizing the situation identified in the analysis

To begin the report to the diploma follows with words of greeting. This is 2-3 sentences at the very beginning of the speech.

Hello, dear members of the State Attestation Commission. The theme of my thesis work “Relationships in the family’ property”. Further, it is necessary to move on to why this graduation research was conducted and to substantiate the choice of the topic. Those. it is necessary to laconically state the relevance of the topic, the problems of research and the purpose of the thesis.

Additionally, you can specify the factors that affected the thesis work. For example, we can say that the relevance of the topic is due to the forthcoming changes in the legislation, the specifics of the industry, the uniqueness of the object of research, etc. Also sometimes include the characteristics of the object, the subject, the hypothesis of the study, etc.